What People Are Saying

The Coastal Journal
• “Perhaps no one associated with HMJB has ever even seen an alcoholic beverage, but in any event, they do not appear to be hobbled by sobriety.”
• “These guys are tight; these guys are noisy; these guys are entertaining.”
• “Basically, what we’ve got here is Fun with a capital ‘F’”

The Portland Phoenix
• “The Half Moon Jug Band are progressive and contemporary, frenetic and crazed… the silliness is infectious and intellectual, the music is heart-pounding.”
• “The Half Moon Jug Band: the most upbeat ambassadors we could ever hope to have. Playing a conglomeration of bluegrass, folk, rock and roll and circus music, the HMJB brave the coldest afternoons just for the chance to play music for the people…”
• “Yes, you should heckle them. It makes things more entertaining. But don’t get all snooty if they heckle back.”

The Portland Press Herald
• “This is some seriously fun, toe-tapping, frantically paced music… I quickly became a believer.”
• “The Half Moon Jug Band came onto the stage… several minutes late, but the wait was forgettable once the music started. The local band dove into a raucous, kazoo-dominated rendition of the classic “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?”
• “The rowdy music was slightly at odds with the solemn interior of the old church.”

The Bollard Magazine
• “The Half Moon Jug Band has come a long way from their early days busking as a three-piece on Exchange Street. But in the ways that matter most, they’re the same goofy guys having a blast playing damn fine music.”

The Casco Bay Weekly
• “The Half Moon Jug Band has gained some measure of renown playing the streets of Portland’s Old Port for the past few years. The HMJB’s whimsical brand of acoustic music has delighted numerous shoppers and irritated some shopkeepers.”
• “While the term “acoustic music” is often a euphemism for folk music, the HMJB calls what it does “homemade music.” The members certainly aren’t folk purists, using drums and electric bass, and there’s none of the sanctimony the folk scene has become famous for.”

Michael Miclon, Oddfellow Theater
• “The Half Moon Jug Band is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! They mix incredible musical ability with side-splitting comedy into a one-of-a-kind stage show. This makes them a true triple threat of entertainment. They are a guaranteed hit!”

Russ Page, Center Theater
• “Less than two minutes into the show the band had the audience in the palms of their hands and for the next 90 minutes or so they took us on a comedic and musical rollercoaster ride that went from the hilarious to the spiritual, including an emotional show-closing rendition of Silent Night that brought the audience to its feet for a three minute standing ovation.”
• “The audience loved them. The sponsor loved them. Even my dog loved them and he doesn’t love anybody except the beagle next door.”
• “How would I describe their performances? I guess I would say, they’re like watching a musical earthquake. There’s a lot going on up on stage physically, musically & comically. And, they brought the house down.”