Nov 26 2013

North Pond Hermit CD is now sold out, but downloads still available

The Van Gogh of the Banjo

The North Pond Hermit, limited run CD is gone, but you can still download the songs.

Jun 30 2013

Oh Yeah

The Van Gogh of the Banjo

We spent Saturday morning goofing around at Deering Oaks Park in Portland. Did people stare? Yes. Did we care? No. We were having way too much fun. If you have half as much fun watching this video as we had making it, then we enjoyed it twice as much as you.

The song is featured on our newest EP, released by Vacationland Music, “The North Pond Hermit.”


May 20 2013

‘The North Pond Hermit’ official video

The Van Gogh of the Banjo

May 12 2013

North Pond Hermit Sessions

The Van Gogh of the Banjo

north pond hermit sessionsHere’s the digital download version of a two-artsist EP by me and and my band — the Half Moon Jug Band — and Stan and Dan who hail from the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine, not too far from North Pond. Turns out Stan Keach wrote a song about the Hermit right around the time I did. So we decided to join forces and put out a six song CD. The physical edition, which includes Stan and Dan’s songs, too, will be out around the 23rd. But for now, feel free to download an mp3 or two right here.

The really groovy cover painting is by a friend of Stan’s. His name is Dave DeRan and we owe him big time for letting us use his picture. Thanks Dave!


Apr 28 2013

The North Pond Hermit Sessions

The Van Gogh of the Banjo

We spent the weekend in the studio. We’re making a split EP with a fellow named Stan Keach and his friend Dan the Mandolin player. Both he and Troy wrote songs about the North Pond Hermit. The recordings should be ready in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Here’s Troy’s song and his dog Hook. The HMJB version will have less cute dogs, but more drums and bass.

Here’s Stan’s take on the curious story of the Hermit.